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the problem:

I didn't get any compliments on my new watch.

the solution:

Everybody has Rolexes these days, but who has a watch from mother effin Tron? This watch, technically called the Kisai 7 LED Watch, has two pulsating LED rings; one for the hour and the other for minutes. It reads like a conventional watch so you don't look stupid when someone asks you for the time and comes in blue or white colored LEDs.

Tron Watch

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Tron Watch


Two pulsating rings of light, a cool futuristic design & LEDs curving around your wrist, Kisai Seven brings an ultra-modern look to what is essentially a regular watch.It may look unconventional, but those two rings point to the hours and minutes just like a normal wrist watch making it easy to read at a glance.The inner ring is the hour hand and the outer ring is the minute hand. There is a dark void section in each ring that literally points to the time. The lights trailing off around the wrist are not just for show either, they help you pin down the exact minute by lighting up in segments.

A Fully Adjustable Strap with a Seamless Butterfly Clasp

The watch itself has a hard plastic case which is curved to fit over your wrist. The strap section is polyurethane with a seamless butterfly clasp at the back. Adjusting the strap is quite clever. You simply cut the polyurethane strap down to size to fit your wrist perfectly. You can do this at home if you have some simple tools handy, or of course you can ask your local jewellers or watch shop to help. This means it is suitable for both small and large wrists.