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the problem:

I let my beer sit too long and it's lost all its foamy goodness.

the solution:

Wish you could always have beer that tastes like it just came straight out the tap, but don't want to pay 10 bucks for a pint? Check out this sweet mug that creates the perfectly poured beer every single time. Pour about half a mugs worth and hit the switch to create the perfect amount of foam. It's from Japan so of course there's a sweet video.

The Perfect Beer

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The Perfect Beer


Get that freshly poured beer drink taste even at home with the super useful and fun Beer Jug Jokki Hourfrom Takara Tomy. The original Beer Hour was a big hit and made pouring beer cans a cinch. Now the same team has turned its attention to that izakaya favorite, the large beer jug. "Hour" is a play on the Japanese word "awa", meaning "foam", in this case the refreshing white froth that always crowns a local fresh draft of lager.

First pour out a regular can of beer so that it doesn't fill the whole glass. Now just press down the switch on the handle and bubbles will immediately start to form, as the glass itself works to create freshly poured Japanese jokki beer foam. Just keep on pressing the switch to generate however much froth you like in your beer. The switch is even available in two colors, yellow or black, so you can really take your beverages seriously.

The Beer Jug Jokki Hour features:

  • Mug that creates foam/froth like Japanese-style draft beer head
  • Yellow or black switch versions