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the problem:

Co-worker Steve hasn't given me a reason to physically assault him today.

the solution:

Need a disguise? Well these could work...not really. Or you can just give it to co-worker Steve who will put it on and give you a reason to uppercut his nuts for looking like a d-bag. And you won't be reprimanded as it was passed by congress and signed by Obama that whoever wears these deserve a swift kick to the balls.


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SUN-STACHES ARE THE NEW CRAZE! They are a new, fun style of eye-ware, featuring what else? But a marvelous mustache! Need to look debonair for tonight's cocktail party? Looking for that extra touch of class for your next soiree? Sun-Staches are the answer to all your fashion follies. They're perfect for Halloween, parties, concerts and gag gifts for you and your friends. Sun-Staches are about having FUN! So, when you get your STACHE-tacular shades, take some photos and upload em to! Show off your stache for the world to see!