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the problem:

Shouting obscenities at co-worker Steve for fun turned out to be inappropriate at work.

the solution:

Unfortunately, they've caught onto your 'I have Tourrettes' excuse you'd always use for your pent up aggression. You now carry this shouting vase everywhere and shout your string of obscenities into it instead. The shouting vase absorbs your screams and emits a softer verion through the whole at the base.

Shouting Vase

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Shouting Vase


Turn your loudest, most urgent frustrations into mere whispers with the Shouting Vase. The plastic jug is designed to fit over the contours of your mouth and absorb your screams and shouts, “storing” them in the vase and emitting a softer version of your angry cries through the tiny hole at the base.

The shouting vase was first featured on NHK’s Good Morning Japan and has since appeared on several other television shows, making this terracotta pottery-inspired item a hit product. Ideal for when you feel like shouting, but know that speaking softly is more likely to do the trick. Or the perfect gift for the loud one in your life.

Shouting Vase features• Size: 12.5cm×12.5cm×18.5cm • Weight: 210g • Material: ABS resin • Instructions: Japanese