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the problem:

I've been to all the countries my friends are talking about, but can't say anything more or I'll seem elitist.

the solution:

'I've been there before' is the traveler's version of the hipster's 'I've seen them live.' You're cultured but don't want to brag about it. Just have this map on prominent display and it does the talking for you. Or use it as motivation to travel and see how people really live outside your first world life.

Scratch Map

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Scratch Map


Itching to get away? Do it, and scratch the itch, or rather country on this giant world Scratch Map. The Scratch Map is a world map with a twist. All the countries are covered with gold foil (like what you get on a scratch card). Once you've visited a country, grab a penny (or just use your fingernail if you're hard core) and scratch away. The countries are coloured underneath and show geographic details. There's even a general trivia section at the bottom of the Scratch Map for popular destinations including Australia, China and Hawaii to name a few. Hang this high-quality world map in your study, kitchen, or wherever. When people come round to visit, you can impress them with how well travelled you are and share all the amazing stories from your trips away. Tough and glossy, the Scratch Map is a great gift for backpackers, gap year students or just people who like to travel the world.