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the problem:

My nutritionist tells me that a bloody mary is not a suitable replacement meal for dinner.

the solution:

So that bakon vodka you're using for your bloody mary doesn't really have any protein and the tomato juice doesn't really count as a serving of fruit. To really make it a meal, you'll need these meat straws; as the popular life motto goes: "Get drunk, then eat the straw." Personally, I also enjoy milk and soda with these. Price is for 30.

Meat Straws

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Meat Straws


A straw that you eat! Made from 100% beef. Your Bloody Mary soaks into the straw as you enjoy your beverage. When finished you are left with a Bloody Mary soaked snack that is literally dripping with flavor.
  • New Bloody Mary Garnish! 3/10 packs per order!
  • 100% Beef and Spices! No pork, chicken, or other fillers.
  • 7.75 inches tall! Complete hole through the entire length of straw!
  • Bloody Mary soaks into straw while enjoying beverage!
  • Add these to a Bloody Mary, and enjoy a "Benny Mary"