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the problem:

Co-worker Steve's done something stupid again, but I've already received a warning from HR for threatening physical harm against him.

the solution:

If you need a more benign way of showing disapproval, disagreement, or dissatisfaction, then surely these glasses are for you. The next time Steve tells you keeping bacon in your pockets is disgusting, pop on these glasses and tell him he's going to regret say that.

Look of Disapproval Glasses

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Look of Disapproval Glasses


You: Do I need this?

Me: ಠ_ಠ

Are your friends and loved ones constantly disappointing you? Is your face sore from expressing your disapproval all the time? Stop using your own eyebrows like a chump and let these glasses do the work for you!

( if you're confused: ಠ_ಠ )

SRS BSNS: These come in two sizes, regular and large. Regular is similar to standard sunglasses or reading glasses from a drug store; if those fit you that size should be fine. If you have a large head, the large glasses are a better choice. If you don't specify what size you want, I'll send you the regular size.