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the problem:

I'm being made fun of for using girls' body wash.

the solution:

Ever have the nightmare where a burglar breaks in while you're in the shower, comes in the bathroom, rips open the curtain, and sees you standing there naked. But then he's one of those sexy burglars and you start making out with him? The soap gun is in case he's not sexy and need to scare him off. Also, I know what I'm sneaking up my ass if I ever go to prison.

Gun Soap

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Gun Soap


Target Practice is a unique soap gun set make from goat's milk and glycerin soap. I scented with Black for Men. Black for Men-a modern, classy, and sexy scent, this is one on my favorite. You will recieve 4 two-tone pistol soaps tucked inside their own kraft box finished off with an awesome target with bullet holes tag-hand stamped by me of course;)Soap is approx 3oz Goat's Milk and Glycerin soap Total for 4 Guns This listing is for 4 soap guns tucked into a 4x4x2 Kraft Box finishined with red/white bakers twine and a shot up target tag.