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the problem:

I was so focused on the video game I forgot to drink my beer. Now it's all warm.

the solution:

Count this as your newest addition to your theoretical man-cave. This classic looking gaming cabinet hides an ace up it's coin slot by having built in beer tap. Never have to worry about dehydration from intense gaming session as the draft system is just an arms-reach away.

Gaming Cabinet with Beer Tap

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Gaming Cabinet with Beer Tap


Think of it as an in-home iPod® for your video games that also serves up cold, frothy brew. We've included the most popular Arcade games from Atari®, Midway®, Capcom®, and more for immediate plug-n-play readiness. Later, feel free to load up as many games as you like from discs, online, or even attach your classic console using readily available adapters.True to our entertainment core, we think the greatest part of the Arkeg is challenging someone to a match or having a co-op battle. Check out the full games list on the left, and we’re sure you’ll relive more than one great memory of playing in an arcade with friends. As easy as grabbing a 12-pack at your liquor store, now you can have cold draft beer in your own home. Pick up a keg of your favorite beer from any store, twist the tap, drop the handle, and you’re ready to pour in less than a minute.