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the problem:

I uh spilled coffee on my pants and have to walk around all day with a stain.

the solution:

Let's not lie. You crapped your pants and half the day has gone by with people giving you dirty looks. Your underwear has crusted over and the grease from the bacon in your pockets has been dripping down your leg and into your shoe the entire day. It's time to clean up for god's sake. Good thing you have Emergency Underpants.

Emergency Underpants

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Emergency Underpants


Oh, no. Spilled a Slushie in your lap and now your crotch is soaked to the skin. Just whip out your handy dandy Emergency Underpants and before you know it you are sitting high and dry again. These funny yet convenient underpants are a great gag gift to give someone and a great idea just to keep handy for yourself. The Emergency Underpants come in a 3" x 1-1/2" x 3/4" tin and contain one pair of disposable unisex underpants. Fits most adults.