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the problem:

The cat's seen the dog's new biker outfit and now she's jealous!

the solution:

Oh the things we do for out pets. Cat is asking you why dog gets a new outfit but she doesn't get anything. You try to explain to her that it's to support a cause, but she counters your argument with straight up cat facts. You cannot dispute the validity of cat law so you get her this cat mohawk and order is restored in the universe.

Cat Mohawk

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Cat Mohawk


Include your cat in your summer Pride celebrations with this fun cat accessory! This hat was made with acrylic blend yarns and fits an average sized adult cat. Great for a gift or as a treat for your own kitten! Approximate measurements:Hat base: 7" long x 4" wideMohawk: 1.5" highChin straps: 6.5" long The cat pictured is a 10 lb. adult tabby. If you feel your cat would need a larger or smaller size, just send me a message! Interested in a hat for a dog or puppy?? Any hat can also be made to fit a dog but please contact me before purchasing. Depending on the size of the dog there may be a $2 or $3 surcharge.