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the problem:

For the love of god why is there not bacon jerky?

the solution:

The universe's greatest give to humankind is now in portable, forever lasting jerky form! Say goodbye to greezy pant pockets and stock your portable stash with bacon jerky instead. Praise the lord, all glory to allah, thank you Carl Sagan, Buddha, Flying Spaghetti Monster! I can die a happy man.

Bacon Jerky

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Bacon Jerky


You're reading that correctly. It's 100% Bacon Jerky™!
Come and get it! We have Jalapeno bacon, Honey BBQ bacon, Cajun bacon, Pepper bacon, Maple bacon, and even a Summer BLT Bacon Jerky™. Try one of our combo packs if you can't decide on only one! Feeling even more hog-wild? We have Ham Jerky in four different flavors. Give our ham and bacon jerky as a gift to your fellow camper or road tripper. It's like having pork to-go. And what's cooler than that?