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Good Ol’ Fashion First World Fun

Bringing back childhood joy, first world style.

Remember back when you were just a wee little lad; when you had no responsibilities and the three things on your todo list for the day were: find worms, eat worms, and play with Steve from across the street? It’s depressing now to think about how you’ll never be as happy and carefree without using hard drugs as you were back when you were young. We now have Xboxes, PS3s, strip clubs, and Pinterest, but what about good ol’ fashion fun? The things we’d enjoy….

It’s A Baconful Life

It's A Baconful Life

A guide on how to live a life full of bacon.

Look at the picture above you. Look at that beautiful glistening bacon grease. Look at that chewy rubbery bacon fat. Look at that crispity crisp bacon edge. If this doesn’t make your mouth water, then you might as well become a vegan, you heathen. Why would you not want to surround yourself with the glorious smell of bacon wafting around you 24 hours of the day? Of course you do. Living a first world life means from the second you wake up to the the second you….

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A First World Apocalypse

A First World Apocalypse

A guide to living a first world apocalypse life.

Every passing day brings us closer and closer to the 2012 Apocalypse as predicted by the Mayan who carved ‘December 21st, 2012’ and then quit his job because he was sick of it and wanted to be a DJ. I know what you’re all thinking; “How am I suppose to live my cushy first world life when the world is in chaos and the Starbucks across the street is on fire?” Don’t panic! We got you here at First World Living, though you may have….